1. Name
Warrick Pill
2. When did you first start running?
I was very into basketball growing up but didn’t really start running until Uni. Got hooked after my wife and I did ‘Run to the G’ (now Run Melbourne) 5k in 2005.
3. What is the best part of running for you?
The feeling of satisfaction after completing a run. The energised, focused feeling that stays with you for the day. Knowing that I am doing something that is great for my health. (Sorry, that’s 3 things!)
4. Do you run with a watch, phone or naked?
Watch – I’ve had a Garmin since 2009
5. What can’t you run without?
My orthotics (happy to give my orthotics, Stephen Owens in Richmond a plug!) – http://orthotist.com.au/About.aspx 
6. What is your most memorable run?
London Marathon 2011.  The crowd support and atmosphere was unbelievable. Was probably made even better after missing the event in 2010 due to the Iceland volcano closing the European airspace!
7.Have you ever run in a costume?
Not yet.
8. What brand of shoes do you run in?
Made the change from Asics to Brooks about 8 years ago, never looked back.
9. Have you ever been injured?
Yes. Shin splints when I first started running – tight calves.
10.Do you prefer running in Hot or cold weather?
11. Do you prefer running in the morning or at night?
Morning. Sets you up for the day. Tried running in the evenings – can’t get to sleep afterwards.
12. What is your running motivation?
To be fit and healthy. And most recently to be a role model for my 2 sons.
13. Race I’d like to forget:
None, all a good experience one way or another.
14. Favorite post run food:
French toast!
15. Do you prefer running along the Flat or hills?
Sorry, Matt Veenstra – flat!
16. Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner or group (BawBawRunners):
Definitely with a group. Makes it feel much easier. It’s fantastic that BawBawRunners exist – a free, volunteer lead group of like minded people.

17. What’s the next event on you running calendar?
My Brother and I are signed up for the Melbourne Marathon Half

18. What’s your running dream?
Another international marathon. Boston would be great.
19. Do you have any Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of)
Weet-Bix for breakfast.
20. What is your typical night before the big run meal?
Lasagne. I’m still in the carb loading school.
21. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time?
43k. London marathon. I did way too much weaving through the crowd at the start!