1. Name
Nicole (Nic) Walsh
2. When did you first start running?
About 2012 at a Run for a Wish event in Launceston, Tassie
3. What is the best part of running for you?
The sense of achievement I feel once I’ve finished
4. Do you run with a watch, phone or naked?
Run with my Garmin Forerunner 10 – when I remember to charge it.
5. What can’t you run without?
My runners and sports bra!
6. What is your most memorable run?
I won the Women’s 4km event at Casey Fields Run for a Wish in 2013. Then ran a PB at Inverloch parkrun in 2014 with a time of 26:42 which I’ve never managed to beat since.
7. Have you ever run in a costume?
Whenever I get the opportunity…I love my Elasta Girl costume.

8. What brand of shoes do you run in?
Mizuno Wave Inspire…I’m onto my second pair they are soooo comfortable.
9. Have you ever been injured?
Yes, I’ve twisted my ankle on at least on two occasions.
10. Do you prefer running in Hot or cold weather?
Give me cold every time.
11. Do you prefer running in the morning or at night?
I used to run after work but I prefer mornings now as it sets me up for the whole day.
12. What is your running motivation? 
To stay active and feel good about myself.

13. Race I’d like to forget:
Wonderland 2016 – 8kms but it felt like 15!
14. Favorite post run food:
Poached eggs and bacon
15. Do you prefer running along the Flat or hills?
Flat and downhill with the occasional “small” uphill.
16. Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner or group (BawBawRunners):
I used to run solo but then started doing regular runs with a friend when I still lived in Leongatha but since moving to Warragul I have really enjoyed running with Baw Baw Runners. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive.
17. What’s the next event on you running calendar?
I don’t really have one…I’m doing a 32km bush walk in October does that count?
18. What’s your running dream?
Just keep running as long as I can and don’t get injured.
19. Do you have any Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of):
Not really, just make sure my gear is all organized for an early start.
20. What is your typical night before the big run meal?
A glass of red wine and dark chocolate and get to bed early.
21. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time?
I ran from Leongatha to Koonwarra and back which was a total of 16kms…might have been a tad ambitious! I was so sore the next day I could barely walk.