1. Name
Brenda Galbraith
2. When did you first start running?
My first running event was Run For The Kids in 2009 with a friend, enjoyed it so much and been hooked ever since.
3. What is the best part of running for you?
To continually challenge and push myself a bit further and I love to see the finish line.











4. Do you run with a watch, phone or naked?
I wear a Tom Tom sports watch but more often than not I forget to switch it either on or off…not sure why I bother wearing it really. Oh, and I would never run naked, bit chilly in the mornings!!!
5. What can’t you run without?
I love to listen to music when running alone or in an event, my running shoes are pretty important too.
6. What is your most memorable run?
There have been lots but probably competing in the Masters Games a few years ago & got to stand on the podium.











7. Have you ever run in a costume?
Not as yet but maybe one day
8. What brand of shoes do you run in?
Have tried & tested several different types over the years but Asics Kayanos seem to work for me. Also took out a new pair of Salomon Trail shoes for the first time on sunday & they were fabulous (thanks, Nicole)













9. Have you ever been injured?
Have been pretty lucky so far with just some minor back/hip niggles & a couple of sprained ankles…hope I haven’t put a jinx on myself!!
10. Do you prefer running in Hot or cold weather?
Absolutely, definitely cold weather for me
11. Do you prefer running in the morning or at night?
Love morning runs but will occasionally venture out for an evening run
12. What is your running motivation?
To maintain/increase fitness level and to improve on previous race results.
13. Race I’d like to forget:
Have enjoyed all so far but sometimes wish I’d ran faster.
14. Favorite post run food:
Not really food but A coffee at Frankies Cafe is a must…food comes later
15. Do you prefer running along the Flat or hills?
I enjoy a combination of both
16. Do you prefer to run alone or with a partner or group (BawBawRunners):
Since joining BBR’s I’m really enjoying group runs, in the past, I’ve ran alone or with a partner. Enjoying a combination of all.
17. What’s the next event on you running calendar?
DeCastella run 15km next weekend. Looking forward to it. – http://decastellarun.com.au/ 












18. What’s your running dream?
Hmm possibly, maybe a marathon…one day????
19. Do you have any Pre-race routines? (night before or morning of):
Must have everything organized the night before including clothes, bib, snacks
20. What is your typical night before the big run meal?
A chicken/pasta meal I have been cooking for a few years
21. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run at one time?
24km so far